To Donate (a 501c3 Charity)


Become part of our dynamic movement of spiritual pioneers expanding the boundaries of the Buddha Way.  We are a 501c charitable organization and a Utah Non-profit Corporation and our mission is to promote the practice of American Buddhism with an emphasis on the Pure Land tradition by providing opportunities for spiritual practice, religious study, and community fellowship.  We are lay ran and are solely funded by member donations.

The Fellowship exists because of the extraordinary generosity of many people!

In Buddhism, Dana Paramita, the practice of generosity, is the first realization of a Bodhisattva. “Dana” is a Sanskrit word which means ‘giving.’ It is a way for us to let go and benefit others.

Dana is a precious gift. It allows us to open our hearts and step out of the usual profit-and-loss mentality that governs our society. It creates openness and it builds warm connections that are based on the value of our shared experience.

The practice of generosity is vital to the Fellowship. You can make a one-time donation or become a contributing member through monthly or yearly automatic deductions from your bank account. We extend our deep gratitude to all of you who give to us in so many ways.

We are creating financial disclosures on the coming weeks and will make them available to the community to demonstrate transparency and fiduciary stewardship. If you have any question you can reach out to any Board member and you call also email us at




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