Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship is a nonsectarian Buddhist organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are administratively and politically independent and not part of any formal organizational hierarchy, but our spiritual leader  is in training to be a Sensei with the Bright Dawn Center for Oneness Buddhism and is currently  a practice leader with the North American Shin Buddhist Association.

Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship emphasizes the universal teachings of the historic Gautama Buddha, focusing on individual spiritual growth rather than any sectarian dogma or ritual. At the same time our fellowship finds inspiration in the trans- historical Buddhas of the Mahayana and  especially in Amitabha Buddha and Pure Land devotion and in all forms or world spirituality.  Our fellowship activities strive to  answer the needs of both mind and heart and to combine the faculties of reason and imagination in our shared path to awakening.

Our Practice Leader is Mr. Christopher “Myoshin” Ross-Leibow.  We have an open and engaged group with all levels of experience. We like to say in our tradition, “come as you are…” there is no dress code, and nothing you need to do but attend. The fellowship is a great place to learn about Buddhism, mindfulness and the Bodhisattva path.

We also organize and participate in several regular special events, including the annual Interfaith Pride Service and meditation retreats. Please check our Meetings and Events page for updates.

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