Eco- Sangha


“ We must now become warrior-lovers in the service of the Great Goddess Gaia, Mother of the Buddha(s)” –

– Gary Snyder

More to come shortly –  Here is a link to our Dharma talk

Honoring the Pure Land: Eco-Dharma and Buddhist Practice.


Ecological Buddhism Links

One Earth Sangha

Earth Holder Sangha

Dharma Gaia New Zeland

Eco-Dharma Centre 


Local Envirnomental Organization

Here are some links to local environmental organizations.

Heal Utah

Harnessing the power of grassroots advocacy and smart policy research, HEAL engages in legislative and regulatory settings to champion clean air, clean energy, and a limit to nuclear & toxic waste.

Save Our Canyons

Dedicated to protecting the wildness and beauty of the Wasatch Mountains, canyons, and foothills

Sierra Club – Utah Chapter

Fighting to protect Utah’s spectacular parks, public lands and other places Utah’s rich animal and plant life calls home

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Defending America’s Redrock wilderness

Sustain Utah

Sustain Utah is committed to creating and facilitating opportunities for Utah’s environmental and sustainable groups to communicate, collaborate, and succeed in their field of passion.

Utah Open Lands

Preserving and protecting open space

Utah Rivers Council

Save something

Utah Society for Environmental Education

Promoting high-quality environmental education in Utah

Utah Solar Energy Association

Promoting the usage of renewable energy, with a focus on solar energy.

Utah Valley Earth Forum

Stewardship for a Healthy Environment

Utah Wilderness Coalition

Protecting wilderness values on public lands in Utah