Basic Buddhism Class

Our Next Classes Begin in July 2019.  Second Series starts Sept 2019


Welcome to Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship’s  & Utah Buddhists Online Sangha’s Basic  Buddhism Class which is offered three times a year.  This course is primarily for those newer to Buddhism or those who would like a refresher on some basic Buddhist concepts.   The goal of the course to share basic Buddhist concepts, to clear up and misconceptions and to show how Buddhism can enrich our everyday lives.

Our class is facilitated by our Guest Sensei  Jenn Renyo Sensei, from the Mount Timpanogos Buddhist Sangha.

One thing that makes this course a little different is that it is more focused on a personal spiritual discovery rather than scholarly study.   This is a 5-week course and we will be using one book for our readings, there will be two response papers and two group discussion groups both online. If you interested please contact me at  with Basic Buddhism Class in the subject line.


Here is our text 

No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners: Clear Answers to Burning Questions About Core Buddhist Teachings.  
by Noah Rasheta  (146 pages)

How is an awakening different from enlightenment? Can agnostics and atheists be Buddhist? Am I supposed to stop thinking when I meditate? In No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners, Buddhism teacher, Bright Dawn Lay Minister and host of the popular Secular Buddhism podcast, Noah Rasheta, delivers an easily accessible introduction to the teachings of Buddhism that answers these common questions and many more.

Presented in a simple, conversational style, the information and guidance in No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners provides the groundwork that is necessary for building or continuing your own Buddhist practice.

The Schedule –

No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners:

1st Reading Period –    7/14 Pages 1-40
First Response Paper Due.  7/28

Online Meeting (Zoom Conference)  Date TBD  6:30 pm

2nd Reading Period.     7/28 Pages 40 – 80
2nd Response Paper Due     8/17

Online Meeting (Zoom Conference) Date TBD  6:30 pm

3rd  Reading Period.     8/17 Pages 80-120
3rd  Response Paper Due      9/1

In Person and Online Meeting (Zoom Conference) Date TBD  6:30 pm