Way of Oneness Class

“Oneness”  written by Gyomay Kubose Sensei

STARTING IN MARCH…The Bright Dawn Way of Oneness Class starts March 13th

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the teachings of Gyomay Kubose and Koyo Kubose Senseis and the Way of Oneness?

In the Bright Dawn Way of Oneness class is the perfect follow up for the Intro to Buddhism course.  This class will give you a chance to look deeper at the Way of Oneness as presented by the Bright Dawn Way of Oneness Buddhism.  The spirit of the course is how to apply the teachings of the Buddha Way of Oneness to your everyday life.  The focus will be on application instead of academics.

The course is comprised of Two texts:

  • The Center Within – Rev. Gyomay Kubose  
  • Bright Dawn: Discovering Your Everyday Spirituality –  Rev. Koyo Kubose


The Center Within Reading Period

1st Reading Period – 3/14
First Response Paper  3/24

2nd Reading Period  3/24
2nd Response Paper  4/5

3rd Reading Period  4/5
2nd Response Paper  4/20

Discussion Group 4/21/2019


Bright Dawn: Discovering Your Everyday Spirituality

1st Reading Period – 4/28
First Response Paper  5/10

2nd Reading Period  5/10
2nd Response Paper  5/20

3rd Reading Period  5/20
2nd Response Paper  5/30

Discussion Group 5/30/2019


The cost of the class is as follows

  • A donation to fellowship for the class by Paypal or Check + Cost of Books
  • Scholarships available.