What We Believe?

Below is a brief summary of the core  affirmations. These are non-dogmatic and no one is required to believe any of them. We believe that these basic beliefs are skillful instruments given to us by the Buddha, so that we can awaken to our deepest inner potential of compassion and wisdom. They are not creedal pronouncements that bind us into dogmatism. In order to touch the Ultimate Dimension, we must go beyond all words and ideas, and experience the ineffable Oneness of Reality as it is. Words and ideas can help us along the path, but let’s not be attached to them. Let them serve as guideposts to awakening

The 21 points cover such topics like the ultimate nature of reality, the significance of our Buddha, the purpose of life, basic practices, death, hell, evil, eternal life, salvation, scriptures, etc. Ultimately, these 21 points can be summed up in the belief in the One Life, compassion, love, hope, and the inner potential of every human being

1. We believe….there is only One Life (Oneness of Reality), present in everybody, in everything and everywhere, manifesting in infinite forms who is the beauty and power of the cosmos. This is not a God but is that which transcends Creator and creation and is our true nature; for this reason, the Buddha is known as the teacher of gods and humans.

2. We believe….in universal compassion. The One Life, symbolized in our fellowship as Amida, the  trans-historical Buddha of Immeasurable Life and Light, is infinite in space and time, it can be said to be the compassionate response of the universe.

3. We believe….in universal awakening. The One Life actively seeks to liberate all beings by embodying itself as the nembutsu-Namu-Amida-Butsu; this living expression reveals itself when we are spiritually guided to believe, hear, affirm and entrust ourselves to the one Life.

4. We believe…the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni was the human manifestation of Amida Buddha who in turn is the compassionate expression of the non-conceptual ultimate dimension, known as the dharmakaya.

5. We believe….in the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha, as the best vehicle to touch that which is true and real, to engage in the beauty of life, and to offer a practical way to transcend suffering and accept impermanence.

6. We believe….life is a bumpy ride, but the universe is fundamentally good; it is our ego-driven life that causes most of the suffering but luckily our self-centeredness can be transformed into a source of wisdom and compassion (Buddhahood). This is the Buddha’s teaching of the Four Noble Truths.

7. We believe….nothing just happens but all is the result of karma (cause and effect); this reality emphasizes individual responsibility and the universal karmic power of Amida Buddha, symbolized as the Primal Vow.

8. We believe….in the interdependence of all things, in which everything simultaneously co-arises with everything else (mutual creation) and that every form is intimately part of everything else.

9. We believe….in Other Power (grace). No one human life is wasted or abandoned but all will be transformed by the natural working of the boundless one Life.

10. We believe…every person has a natural and endowed purpose to realize enlightenment by embodying compassion and the nembutsu for the sake of all beings.

11. We believe…faith as in trust,  is a transformative experience whose source is Life itself; it is based on confidence, trust, and noetic (intuitive) understanding and is not founded in blind belief, creeds or dogma.

12. We believe…. spiritual rebirth is the direct result of awakening and entrusting ourselves to our transcending our narratives and delusions.

13. We believe… without perfection, one attains Nirvana. Spiritual rebirth through the one mess of the nembutsu allows us to live at the juncture of the historical and ultimate dimensions; this corresponds to Shinran’s statement, “I am neither monk nor layman.”

14. We believe…eternal awakening is here and now, and regardless of your race, gender, moral status, age, religion, intelligence or education, all can experience this inner reality by just awakening to and entrusting themselves in the one Life, and voicing the nembutsu.

15. We believe….the Pure Land is the realm of enlightenment (nirvana) and a concrete image of emptiness (shunyata), which is the transcending deathless and eternal dominion beyond conception, devoid of hatred, greed and ignorance.


16. We believe….our shadow side (bonpu) must be fully and honestly embraced in order to truly experience the inner transformative light; thereby, we become authentically whole, as we truly are, in the continuous interplay of light and darkness.

17. We believe….the Threefold Pure Land Sutras, demonstrate an expanded vision of the Buddhist teachings, based on the iintegration of reason and imagination and for us, are the best teaching to live our lives; but we are open to the entirety of the Buddha Dharma and world spirituality.

18. We believe….our community serves people and the Earth, as the historical Buddha served people and the Earth.

19. We believe…every person can grow in the dharma, have a true engagement with Life, serve others and learn to embody the nembutsu for the sake of all beings.

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