Come As You Are…


Hello Sangha family,
As many of you may be aware, today the Governor has asked that as a community we cancel events with more than 100 people and for those who are over 60 or have underlying medical conditions to avoid groups larger than 20, also anyone who is currently sick should avoid gatherings altogether.
The SLBF’s attendance fluctuates between 75 and 110 and we also have many members who are60 and older or who have underlying health issues such as myself. That being said we are following the advice of the Governor and canceling our in-person gathering this month and starting on the 22nd we will move our gathering online via Zoom.
Here is a perfect opportunity for us to apply Namu Amida Butsu – and invite the totality of our life to come just as they are – ( from an appropriate social distance ūüôŹūüėÄūüôŹ)


Join us for our Sunday morning gatherings  open to everyone from 10 Р11:30 AM

The Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship is made up of folks from all walks of American life. We are an American Buddhist Sangha. Our fellowship is a lay-led, all-inclusive, non-discriminating trans-sectarian Sangha influenced by the Pure Land Buddhist tradition and the teachings of Gyomay and  Koyo Kubose. Our organization focuses on the universal teachings of Gautama Buddha, the historical Buddha. Our approach follows the teachings of the Way of Oneness, a unique form of American Buddhism developed by Venerable Rev. Gyomay Kubose based on the Shin-Zen tenets and teachings of Japanese Mahayana Buddhism. At the same time, we are administrative, financially and politically independent and not part of any formal organizational hierarchy, but our spiritual leader is a Sensei with the Bright Dawn Center for Oneness Buddhism.

Our Practice Leader is Rev. Christopher “Kakuyo” Ross-Leibow. ¬†We have an open and engaged group with all levels of experience. We like to say in our tradition, “come as you are…” there is no dress code, and nothing you need to do but attend. The fellowship is a great place to learn about Buddhism, mindfulness and the¬†Way of Oneness.

Join us as we deeply explore ourselves and the Way of Oneness and to come to entrusting in the Oneness of Reality, personified as Amida Buddha. To deepen our appreciation, knowledge, and experience of the Mahayana Buddhist teachings and practices, we use readings from various Buddhist books and our rich personal experiences. We recognize the importance of practice. At the beginning of our gatherings, we discuss our awareness practices from meditation to acts of compassion towards others and ourselves. We also recite inspirational prayers, practice zazen (quiet sitting)  and conduct sacred chants using, Om Namu Amitabhaya  Even though our studies are inspired by the Shin  / Pure Land / Zen tradition, we are not formally either of them,  we are trans-sectarian and learn from the whole tradition of Buddhist teachings and practices; we are open to the entirety of world spirituality. Our gatherings include quiet sitting and voice meditation, plenty of discussions, and fellowship. We would love for you to join us in practice.

“Namu Amida Butsu”

Services at 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Located at Vitalize Community Studios     3474 S 2300 E #12, Millcreek, UT 84109

Contact us at or Call

Christopher “Kakuyo” Ross-Leibow at (801) 502-8130

Mailing Address:  Chris Leibow PO Box 58834, Salt Lake City, UT 84158


¬†Christopher “Kakuyo” Ross-Leibow