Our creed is simple. It is “come as you are” and not as you have been told to be or think you should be, but just as you are in the flow of now.

Regardless of where you are in life you will be welcomed and accepted. Come join us and share your Buddhist practice with us in “community”

We meet in person every Sunday at 10 AM @ Vitalize Community Stuido 3474 S 2300 East Ste 12

ZOOM (To join us on Zoom click [Calendar] for the link and details)..

You can listen to our founder and sensei talk about the fellowship, click here to hear an interview on the evolve podcast and to to learn about "come as you are"


 Christopher “Kakuyo” Ross-Leibow / Practice Leader / Sensei / Founder

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SLBF Way of Oneness Podcast

Way of Oneness

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‘Thank-you Cruel Adversity’ Dharma Glimpse

by Gretchen Seiyo Sensei This summer and fall I’ve encountered cruel adversity. Due to a severe arthritis flare I’ve been dealing with pain, physical therapy, fatigue and confronting the inescapable reality of aging.  We cannot help but encounter negatives in life; all those things we’d rather not experience. And even the most perfect life will … Continue reading ‘Thank-you Cruel Adversity’ Dharma Glimpse

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