Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome to our community. We are so happy that you have joined us. The Buddha taught that spiritual friendships are the whole of the Way. Serving our community is as much Buddhist practice as is meditation. Here are some different available opportunities. Being a lay-led community where no one is paid, and we have no full-time workers, we depend on each other to bring everything together. We also understand as householders, we all have a lot of other responsibilities. We have opportunities that require only a little time each month and others that require more. Below are the different committees, activities, and a general time commitment. If something resonates with you, please reach out to our Sangha Committee @ community@saltlakebudhist.org 

Sangha Committee Member
Meet with other sangha committee members to help with planning and organizing different activities and events throughout the year. Committee members meet monthly via Zoom and they use the ‘Signal’ app to chat and communicate with each other. There are many different ways to contribute in this role. Part of the responsibilities include stepping up to help fill volunteer roles or to help find volunteers to fill them, promoting activities, showing up to activities, etc.

Minimum time requirement – 1-3 hour(s) per month

Altar Committee Member
Take turns with other alter committee members to set-up and take-down the alter at Sunday gatherings, the Sangha in the park events, and at our annual summer retreat. Committee members keep in touch using the ‘Signal’ app and email. Training is provided by Gretchen before you begin. There are two members assigned each week.

Minimum time requirements – Training requirements are about 1-2 hours. Be willing to rotate with other members on an alter schedule. Arriving at 9am to set-up and staying after to take it all down. So, plan for about 3 hours.

Dharma Family Movie Night Volunteers
This role is responsible for arriving at the Vitalize studio early on movie night, around 5:45pm, to set-up the movie equipment, seating, and popcorn. Help keep an eye out during the movie and then clean-up afterwards and lock up. Movie nights tend to be monthly or quarterly depending on how much help we have. 2 or more volunteers per movie night is ideal.

Minimum time requirement – Just be willing to fill an open spot on a Friday movie night when you are available. Plan for about 3 hours.

Potluck Volunteers
This role is responsible for putting on our quarterly potlucks along with any potlucks in the park that take place throughout the year. This includes getting the Vitalize studio set-up beforehand and staying after to clean-up. When we have a potluck in the park this can include bringing things from the Vitalize studio and taking them back. This is not a solo role. 3 or more volunteers per potluck event is ideal.

Minimum time requirement – Just be willing to fill an open spot to help with a potluck event when you are available. Plan for about 3-4 hours for the entire event. Volunteers can come to assist with only set-up or take-down if you have a smaller window to help.

Sunday Gathering Volunteers
There are three roles in this category:
Set-up – This role is responsible for arriving at 9:15am to set-up the Vitalize studio for our Sunday
Gathering. There are usually extra people who arrive early to help.
Usher – This role is responsible for arriving at 9:30am and staying up front to meet and greet the folks arriving.
Take-down – This role is responsible for staying after 10-15 minutes to make sure everything is put away correctly and swept. The sangha stays after to help put everything away.

Minimum time requirement – Just be willing to show up for an open spot when you are available. All roles are under an hour.

Dharma Coffee Volunteers
This role is responsible for getting the word out about Dharma coffee after our Sunday gatherings as well as attending them and being there to meet and visit with other Sangha members as they arrive. Dharma coffee is held immediately after the gathering at Toasters Café 3300 South 1560 East. 2 or more volunteers per week is ideal.

Minimum time requirement – Just be willing to fill an open spot to help at Toasters when you are available. I’d plan for an hour or two at the Café.

Temple Caretaker Volunteers
This role is responsible for helping care for our sacred space at the Vitalize studio. While practicing Soji (Zen cleaning), volunteers will take on different task to tidy our space. Opportunities include an annual spring-cleaning event, quarterly spruce-ups, taking mats/cushions/blankets to the laundry mat biannually.

Minimum time requirement – Just sign-up for events that you are available for. Plan for an hour or two, depending on which task or event you sign up for.

Annual Pride Event Volunteers
We need as many sangha members as possible for this annual Pride event. Responsibilities include showing up with Pride spirit and enthusiasm on parade day, walking (or riding) in the Pride parade, interacting with the crowds, and helping hold our SLBF sign.

Minimum time requirement – Exact times TDB but plan for about 3 hours to be in the parade.

Annual Summer Retreat Volunteers
We need a lot of volunteers each year at our annul summer retreat. The bulk of the help is needed in the kitchen but there are other tasks as well. Details are released closer to retreat each year along with a sign- up sheet. Alter committee takes care of all alter tasks.

Minimum time requirement – Pick up at least one open volunteer spot at a retreat event. Details TBD.