Jodo Shinshu featured in Tricycle Magazine.

For the most part, Jodo Shin Buddhism is almost unknown in the West up until recently. The work of the Unno’s have done a lot to bring interest to the tradition in the States. Before the Unno’s there was Dr. Alfred Bloom and you will find both of there writings in these articles in Tricycle Magazine, they been featuring article on our tradition. Here is a great reference for those interested in the Jodo Shin tradition of Buddhism as shared in the pages of Tricycle.

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  1. Hi-i hope to drop in sometime to SLBF as i have been looking for a group that does Shin but also sees value in zazen…i’ve a “jack-Buddhist” for years 🙂 i have read stuff here and on NASBA and like what i see….lastly do you know this book–an interesting and for me challenging read [we have copies at the salt lake city public library]
    Heart of the Shin Buddhist path : a life of awakening [2013]
    author: Shigaraki, Takamaro,
    best regards, Mark

  2. Hello Mark,

    Love to see you. I do know the book, I have a copy on my bookshelf and on my phone. Have you read, River of Fire, River of Water? That is the book that got me started on this path and there is Shin Buddhism: Bits of Rubble Turn into Gold both by Taitetsu Unno. I really like the way he writes. We are reading Buddhism of the Heart right now for our book club by Jeff Wilson. You should come join us, the second and last Tuesday of every month at the Salt Lake Roasting Company. It’s a great group.


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