Amazed and Confused

For those who are first introduced to Shin Buddhism, there can be some initial confusion about the tradition. This can even be more confusing since our fellowship is Shin-Zen hybrid and not a traditional Shin Buddhist Sangha. For most of  people and for those in our community, the confusion usually revolves about Amida Buddha andContinue reading “Amazed and Confused”


Grasping is the source of all our problems. Since impermanence to us spells anguish, we grasp onto things desperately, even though all things change. We are terrified of letting go, terrified, in fact, of living at all, since learning to live is learning to let go. And this is the tragedy and the irony of ourContinue reading “Grasping”

Come As You Are.

Sunday Morning Gatherings are open for guests and members from 09:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m …Vitalize Community Studio 2154 S. Highland Drive | North Entrance Salt lake City, UT 84106 For Information Call 801-502-8130 Beginner and advanced practitioners. All are welcomed. The Salt Lake City Buddhist Fellowship serves the greater Salt Lake City region. WeContinue reading “Come As You Are.”