Vesak Day – 2018 Dharma Talk

by Kakuyo Sensei, I would like to welcome everyone to our Hanamatsuri festival today, which is also called Vesak day – where Buddhist of many traditions celebrate the Buddhas appearance into the world – but not just his appearance – The Buddha was once asked: Are you a god?” “No,” he replied. “Are you aContinue reading “Vesak Day – 2018 Dharma Talk”

Boundless: October’s Newsletter.

Here is a link to our latest newsletter, poetry, photograph, practice and more.

Boundless: The SLBF Newsletter

Read our latest newsletter by clicking on the Buddha. Featuring:  An essay by Jennifer Munson on finding her way to the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship. Elesha Morris gives us a guided meditation for grounding and gratitude, Myoshin looks at writing haiku as Buddhist practice, plus Buddhist spoken word, and teachings from  Koyo Kubose.  

Meditation Can Hold Feelings, But Only Other People Heal Our Pain

a Repost from Josh Korda T he dharma teacher at DharmapunxNYC since 2005; visiting teacher at Zen Care & Against the Stream. Josh’s talks: “Dear Josh. I have been struggling with a great deal of loneliness and fear of late, and feel the need for some new meditation techniques to get through it. WouldContinue reading “Meditation Can Hold Feelings, But Only Other People Heal Our Pain”

Come As You Are.

Sunday Morning Gatherings are open for guests and members from 09:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m …Vitalize Community Studio 2154 S. Highland Drive | North Entrance Salt lake City, UT 84106 For Information Call 801-502-8130 Beginner and advanced practitioners. All are welcomed. The Salt Lake City Buddhist Fellowship serves the greater Salt Lake City region. WeContinue reading “Come As You Are.”