Dharma Glimpses from Bright Dawn.

Dharma Glimpses are short dharma teachings  from Bright Dawn Lay Ministers. Here are some podcasts from Bright Dawn Way of Oneness podcast page. Faust my Dharma Teacher. Listening to the Dharma  Buddhism and Gender Equality Who are you? And here are some more Dharma Glimpses in written format on our Bright Dawn Blog.   NaturalnessContinue reading “Dharma Glimpses from Bright Dawn.”

Boundless: October’s Newsletter.

Here is a link to our latest newsletter, poetry, photograph, practice and more. https://caleibow.atavist.com/boundless-oct-2016

Ku Yo – Offerings to all the Buddhas

“ Ku Yo, making an offering is a very important virtue in the Buddha’s Way…Ku Yo is done in relation to someone who is more worthy than oneself…to do Ku Yo is one way of expressing profound gratitude and nourishment for the very source of our gratitude…it is an honor to do Ku Yo.” –Continue reading “Ku Yo – Offerings to all the Buddhas”

Right Effort – Dharma Talk November 24th

Right Effort Dharma Talk by Christopher Leibow November 24th 2o13

Come As You Are.

Sunday Morning Gatherings are open for guests and members from 09:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m …Vitalize Community Studio 2154 S. Highland Drive | North Entrance Salt lake City, UT 84106 For Information Call 801-502-8130 Beginner and advanced practitioners. All are welcomed. The Salt Lake City Buddhist Fellowship serves the greater Salt Lake City region. WeContinue reading “Come As You Are.”